Vasa Museum

In 1628 a beautiful and mighty warship called the Vasa sailed proudly out of Stockholm harbour on its maiden voyage, caught a breeze and promptly capsized and sank, with the loss of 30–50 of the crew. The weight of its 64 cannons on the upper decks was probably to blame.

In 1961 the Vasa was raised, and found to be remarkably well preserved after 333 years on the seabed. Today, the Vasa is on show on the island of Djurgården, in its own museum, the Vasamuseet, where walkways allow visitors to view it at close hand.

Also on display are replicas of its interior spaces, many of its original contents, the intricately carved and painted woodwork that once decorated the ship, and exhibitions about contemporary shipbuilding, naval warfare and life as a crew member.

In summer you can also clamber around a steam-powered icebreaker built in 1915, and a lightship built in 1903, which are moored at a nearby quay.

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