The Archipelago

Ferry boats and excursion boats ply the waterways around the islands of Stockholm and its surrounds. But to place the city in its true natural context, you should take a trip into the Archipelago – the startlingly beautiful collection of 24,000 islands that stretch out eastwards some 80km (50 miles) along the coast that rims the Baltic Sea.

Many are uninhabited; some have small settlements on them, or just isolated hotels and restaurants, or a few holiday homes – perfect for walking, fishing, swimming, cycling, looking at wildlife, relaxing. They are cherished by the people of Stockholm as a hinterland of almost spiritual significance.

You can begin to see what the Archipelago entails by taking an hour-long ferry-boat trip to the historic town of Vaxholm, but for a true flavour of the islands you need to take an all-day trip, or an excursion lasting several days.

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