The royal palace of Drottningholm – nicknamed the 'Nordic Versailles' – stands on Lovö island in Lake Mälaren, 10 km (6 miles) to the west of Stockholm. It is accessible by road, but also in summer by boats from the city centre.

Built originally in the 1600s in a broadly French style, it has an elegant and relaxed charm, and is the royal family's permanent residence. They occupy the southern wing, but the rest of the palace and the grounds are open to the public.

Highlights among the sumptuous apartments are Queen Hedvig Eleonora's state bedchamber and the Chinese salon designed for King Gustav III. The beautiful gardens of the Royal Domain contain the Chinese Pavilion, and the Court Theatre, unchanged since 1766 and still in use for opera and ballet during the summer months.
www.dtm.se (Drottningholm Court Theatre)

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